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  • Continuous Identity Security
    Strong Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-on (SSO), Passwordless, Continuous Risk Assessment, and more.
  • Identity Posture and Threat Response
    Comprehensive visibility into identity sources, AI-powered risk assessment and dynamic response to identity threats.
  • User Experience and Scalability
    Quick and easy access, reduced authentication fatigue, and seamless integration with pre-existing infrastructure.
  • Simplify Cybersecurity Compliance Audits
    Detailed reporting on user activity to stay ahead of potential risks of non-compliance.

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Our deployment of MFA, with multiple authentication options, helped the city achieve a security mindset, a major culture change. The City and County of Denver rolled out MFA to over 18,000 users in less than three months with minimal impact to our IT help desk. Having a simple mobile app option is crucial to higher user adoption.”

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